Sunday, December 11, 2005

HELP ! ! !

Please help us, this is not a number, she is Mary Connor's mother. I am asking for her as well as for my mother Estela Torrent, Guardianship Case No. 02-3204-04 Miami-Dade County, Florida under the Jurisdiction of the Administrative Judge Maria Korvick. we want out mother's home. Please help us,Maritza Torrent-Viola. thank you.


Blogger johnny said...

we have a lawsuit in federal court. our relative lost her liberty over the phone even though she wanted to live with us,her only immediate family. we were the power of attorney and she had also named parties to be conservators in a health care proxy.She wanted more than anything to live with her family, her next of kin.but
she (golden goose) became a ward of the county. the county conservator charged $50,000.00 in fees for one year 9 months.
the board and care charged around $11,000 a month $150,000 in less than 2 years.
she died 3 weeks shy of her money running out. weighing less than 70 lbs open lesions, severe brusing. furniture (worth 35k)was sold while she was alive for a loss. Everything the public guardian sold was at a loss. Her estate was probated while she was alive. She died a pauper. We couldn't even talk to her before she died.
once conserved she was forced to be drugged with anti psychotics she never took before.
she died in carmel. These guardianships must be banned. Family comes before the state. These guardianships/conservatorships are frightening and we all need to get the word out to stop the terrible civil liberty deprivations. John

8:05 PM  
Blogger johnny said...

Maritza we feel for your difficulty. We know what it is to feel the pain of having a relative taken from you. Adult Protective Service is the flip side of Child Protective Services and we all know how many problems exist with that agency. Keep on truckin' and we applaud your efforts. These guardianships need to be banned. The state or county has no right to come between parents and children. This trend is frighening and more people need to become aware of the fraud associated with these guardianships. The LA Times did a series of articles but did not really touch on the even more disgusting guardians/conservators--the ones who work for the county. These are civil rights violations.

8:13 PM  
Blogger johnny said...

Maritz, if your mother did not have money or property do you think the guardianship would have been imposed? It is all about money and greed.

8:15 PM  
Blogger jeanette said...

maritza's mother, Estela is home. although she lost her own home to these blood sucking attorneys and Judge, Maritza finally has her mom.

7:11 PM  
Blogger margaret James said...

I sent an Amicus Brief to Pennsylvania on behalf of Genevieve and Mary Bush. Would that help you?

7:43 PM  

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