Sunday, December 11, 2005


Justice for Dummies
I am sorry, but I just don`t get it! `Guess Inever will. Is there a book, "Justice for Dummies?"Not yet! Well..... you know, that silly refrain thatsays, "click here," "click there!" Well I have clicked everywhere! And I am a dummie but I have found no justice,anywhere!
Have I asked too much? "Justice for dummies?" AllI ask is that someone of high authority to say to me, "We are sorry that your mother died this way! And we promisethat this will never happen, again, to a decent human beingfor no reason!" Yea, I know I have a better chance of winningthe lottery! But.......... Justice for dummies? Well, I`llkeep searching for that "click!" You do the same!Willy